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Transporte Aéreo

This type of transport prioritizes reducing the transit times of your shipments, with our various types of services that adjust to the needs of each client. Our coverage, extensive experience and quality in our transport service allows us to give you the best conditions for air transport, connecting you with various parts of the world.

Standard Service

We provide a reliable service that is exclusive to a single client and without having to wait for consolidation with various clients. Smart Business offers you the most viable options for handling your cargo anywhere in the world through our network of international coverage and in alliance with the best airlines in the world.
With our exclusive B2B service you can find a range of possibilities for your URGENT cargo

Consolidated Service

Smart Business offers a great option to reduce costs in services. The CONSOLIDATED service groups cargo from various clients.This way, we achieve a reduction in air freight, ground collection and storage.

Door to Door Service

We take care of coordinating the air shipment from your warehouses to your premises, including the procedures with Customs in any Country. There are more than 40,000 airports in the world and a wide variety of connection options that will allow you to receive your merchandise at the door, optimizing transit times.

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